Zero Point Energy

Zero Point Energy (Free Radiant Energy)  has been researched for many years since Nikola Tesla and others hinted that it was not only discoverable but  also measurable and usable.  Recent discoveries have shown that it not only exists but these scientists have come up with prototypes that work.

This short clip shows an example of it in use today.

Zero Point Energy

In a short time, (who knows how long to refine it), this zero point energy technology will be in every cellphone and mobile device, if what these guys are saying is true.  Can’t wait.

They went on to talk about how, with the abundant availability of  zero point energy, we can  eradicate the scarcity mentality the human race has.  This has huge implication for the elimination of war and poverty for this planet, considering that the causes of war and poverty are based in political systems, wrong assumptions, and failed distribution models.

Zero Point Energy Device
Zero Point Energy Device

Purchasing and building your own zero energy device can expand your mind to new possibilities and give you a free power source at the same time.

One such free power source is >  “Nikola Tesla Secret” < where these possibilities are given practical demonstration.  You can check it out or buy your own.

If you want to look at a whole range of great energy-saving options that will positively impact your power bill check this out







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  1. There’s an incredible documentary about this idea where it claims that the government has been using zero-point anti-gravity technologies for decades. Zero-point energy has long been denounced by the scientific community, but as mentioned in the film, it might be that space itself might not be what we think it is. Instead of being an “emtpy vacuum,” space, on the other hand, may harbor an incredibly dense energetic background field that exists even in absolute zero! Check it the documentary here:

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