My Tesla Coil Project

In 2006 I began a project to build a Tesla Coil.


It took me nearly a year, just slowly collecting parts and working on each of the main parts of the system until each was completed.

I then tested it, measured it, tweaked it and fired it up.

It made hissing noises.  I stuck a piece of wire onto the toroid and fired it up again. This time I got some sparks about 6 inches long. Very excited, I started to tune it by careful adjustment of the “tap” which is a movable clamp with one of the wires attached to it.  (It actually was a tap of sorts, made from a brass gas barbecue tap) on the primary coil. This adjustment effectively alters the number of turns being used on the primary coil.

After a few adjustments I was getting streamers of indoor lightning about three feet long!

These are some more of the things I will talk about…

The effects on my lighting circuits..  un-powered incandescent bulbs lighting up.  One bulb lit up brightly and popped right out of the socket leaving the little metal base of the bulb in the socket..

The garage door opener..  operated then died.

The neighbor’s kettle..  hmmm. I do not honestly think it is related to anything I have done.

The neighbor’s  TV..    hm  coincidence? …….  “I know nothing ” -Shultz

There is clearly something going on here that demonstrates Tesla’s idea of wireless transmission of electrical power.

I would like to do further experiments in this area.

Watch this space.


3 thoughts on “My Tesla Coil Project”

  1. Asking questions are in fact pleasant thing if you are not
    understanding anything completely, except this article presents fastidious understanding even.

    1. Truly TESLA has the theory and the principle
      The secret is how to safely control the voltage produced it cannot be just untamed lightning.
      Tesla could direct the electrical pulses and send alternating current thru wires .
      This enabled up and down voltage amperage safety
      Think the third rail on electric trains
      The solution is from electro magnetic directional energy…kind of start trek transporter machine.

      This would enable large amounts of electrical energy to be stored for general use.

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