Lifting The Veil

Liberate Free Energy Knowledge

I just came across this video by Steve Lawson which explains much of what Nikola Tesla was attempting to achieve.  Note the references to mathematics, coils and toroids which Tesla understood to be keys to unlocking the free-energy sources.  President  Obama’s comments at the start of the video are disingenuous as he and his administration continue to suppress knowledge about alternative science and evidence of  extra-terrestrial activity, the Roswell event etc.

It is noteworthy that he talks about solving the world’s problems which was exactly Nikola Tesla’s stand with his invention. Tesla wanted to share his inventions for the benefit of mankind and refused to sell out his principals to the corporate power barons.  As they were his funders, it did not end well for him. Let us hope that in the future this knowledge and technology will be allowed to thrive.

For this reason it is vital that we all do our bit by sharing this info.  Fortunately the  “powers that be” have not yet figured out a way to muzzle the Internet and social media.  I believe we have a short window of opportunity until they do, so share, share, share!

UPDATE NOTE: Appologies!!!! the thugs took the video down.

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