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Free Energy – Possibilities

Tesla Free Energy

Nikola Tesla knew that the world was surrounded by am amazing untapped free energy source.  People already knew that there was another energy source that could supply more than all the energy the people of the world could ever use, The Sun, but they didn’t know about the one he was talking about.

Tesla was able to tap into the energy band around the earth and would have had great success but some individuals and circumstances prevented him from completing his work.

Free Energy
Electricity Aound The Earth

Many other individuals, some well known, some not, have continued his work and research and it will be interesting to see in the next few years what comes out.

With the advent of the Internet, new discoveries and sciences that could once have been suppressed or shut down for political or anti-competition reasons, can now be released and revealed for the good of mankind which was what NikolaTesla always wanted. This is great news.

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