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This page is for useful information as to where to find information, articles, libraries and references to other information about Nikola Tesla and his discoveries.

Not all this information is free, for example books on Amazon that I recommend will be at whatever Amazon usually charges. There are also fellow Tesla followers who have their own books or electronic information, videos etc that they provide for a small fee. I have no problem with that as they have usually spent hours and hours of work compiling them.  Compensation of that nature is entirely appropriate and should be encouraged as it helps research and innovation.

Tesla resources come in many styles and formats. Some require you to have the appropriate software on your computer. e.g. pdf files require Acrobat Reader or an equivalent program to make  them readable.

I encourage you in your search, who knows you may be the next link to a future discovery of Teslarian importance.

Wikipedia:  Nikola Tesla

You Tube – videos


Book Reviews

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