Tesla’s Hydro Electric Power Plant at Niagara Falls

Tesla’s Niagara Falls Power Project.

Nikola Tesla and industrialist George Westinghouse, a firm believer in Tesla’s ideas and technology, teamed up to fulfill Tesla’s dream of using the Niagara River system to generate electric power.  They were successful in winning the race to supply power to run a town, against Thomas Edison who was determined to push through his Direct Current based system by fair means or foul.

Tesla and Westinghouse

Built in 1895, the world’s first commercial scale alternating current hydro-electric power plant was constructed by the Niagara Falls Power Company to harness the mighty power of the Niagara River and transmit it by cable to Buffalo New York. Thus began the electrification of the world and the opening of the floodgates to the scientific research and development that electricity-on-demand enabled.

Power station Niagara Falls

Named the “Adams Power Station” after Edward Adams the President of the Cataract Construction Company

Generator Room showing some of the ten 5000 horsepower           (3.7 Meagawatt) generators. Total output was 37 Megawatts.

Generators Niagara Falls

Powerhouse Number 3 is the only building remaining of the Adams Power Station, and is listed as a National Landmark in the National Registry.


The building has fallen into disrepair but it is hoped that it will be turned into a science museum.

Tesla Memorial Society of New York


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