Electricity through air

Tesla Free Radiant Energy

Tesla Free Radiant Energy

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

I have read about Tesla free radiant energy. I have experimented. I have researched and tinkered. One of the things Tesla said was that electricity could be transmitted through the air over long distances. His experiments proving that hypothesis are historical.  A corollary to that theory was that you could also get free energy out of the air or “the  aether” as it was called in those days.

If this is true then there are serious implications, one of which is to our household electricity bill.  But before we explore that, there are some matters we need to establish. Was he a genuine scientist or someone who was deluded?  Were his ideas original?  Was he actually a genius with a mind of greater reach and power than Alfred Einstein?  I will give you some info on this site but I suggest strongly you do your own research and make your own conclusions.  Then please, please share it with this great community of ours.

Tesla Free Radiant Energy

What is of interest to many scientists in our age is Tesla free radiant energy.  The ability to capture and use energy from hitherto unused sources is of great importance in this energy -strapped world of ours.

To answer those questions I will let you do your own research but as for me, was this guy for real? You bet! How do I know?  Firstly I learned at University about some of his scientific theories which he proved and the laws that he discovered.  I learned all about Tesla’s Law.  I learned that the three phase alternating current system that is used to distribute electricity to every city in the world was in vented by one Nikola Tesla.

What is more convincing to me than all the theory or history is that I have personal experience of his voracity.   I have built one of his inventions.  I remember when I was a kid I loved science…. I read about a “Tesla Coil” that could create millions of volts of electricity, and I thought, “one day I could make one of those.”

As a kid I never did,. I got into Ham Radio and electronics instead. It’s probably just as well because there is so mach raw power available I could have easily killed myself.  As it was I had burned fingers and suffered many high voltage electric shocks but I lived to tell the tale!

However I loved science and pursued a career in Electrical Engineering initially at University, then in private enterprise, settling eventually in the emerging computer I.T. industry at that time.  I now am involved in the I.T. industry as a consultant.

In 2010 I built a Tesla coil. This was an amazing project and challenged me in my thinking,  my technical skills and my patience!

tesla free radiant energy
Making the Machine

The process took me about a year.  I used recycled materials wherever possible and found it to be one of the most satisfying projects in my life so far.  See more info in  My Tesla Coil Project.

How do I know Tesla wasn’t a crackpot but was in fact a genius scientist born way before his time?  Because when I built his machine it worked.  In fact the results were spectacular.

My Tesla Coil



Check out this video  that I took when I fired it up! My grand kids were most impressed. One was terrified as it is extremely loud when it is working!

Having established that Tesla was for real and not just a crackpot it saddened me to discover that he died lonely and poor while others such as J.P. Morgan, Westinghouse, Edison and Marconi stole his ideas and became wealthy household names.  You can understand that the companies responsible for generating and distributing power would not be thrilled if someone suggested that electricity could not only be generated and sent into the air, but also harvested back from it to power and electrify our homes!

Tesla wanted to harness the power sources that were available and use them for the good of all mankind. It is widely accepted that many of his inventions and patents were so advanced that they threatened the established business cartels of the day and that after his death, the Government secretly collected all his writings and removed them from public access.

However we are not completely in the dark, (excuse the pun!)  There is also a wealth of information available now about some of his other inventions that have been leaked or discovered from non-government sources.  I invite you to explore in detail some of these ideas and to actually build some devices.

For great info about Nikola Tesla and his inventions and how you can apply them today  More Tesla Secrets  and resources.

Explore Tesla Free Radiant Energy for yourself and prepare to be amazed.





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