What We Lost When Nikola Tesla Died

Today I am looking at ” What We Lost When Nikola Tesla Died ” and thinking about how things could have been so different.

The amazing discoveries of Nikola Tesla have changed our world. We have alternating current (a.c.) power distribution, the ac motor, the ac generator, wireless transmission (radio), fluorescent lighting,  remote control and robotics and many, many more innovations we enjoy today.

What is more amazing is that there were more of his  inventions and discoveries lost than those that the world knows and uses in everyday life.  When Tesla died, he took with him to the grave secrets that would have made today’s world a different place and perhaps even advanced the progress and well-being of our fragile planet by the equivalent of up to 500 years of progress at our current rate, had he been able to implement them.

Because of his humanitarian world-view, he did not release many of his inventions because of their potential to cause harm in the hands of greedy people. He even shared his most controversial ones with several countries at the same time to ensure collaboration instead of an arms race.  Other ideas were seized by the US government and remain hidden or have been lost.

In the following Video some of this history and ideas are explored.

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If the world had appreciated what we had while he was alive, many of the issues we struggle with now,  especially in the energy field, would have been eliminated.

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Tesla also had quite a spiritual awakening and many of his ideas came to him in dreams. There are some really good resourcces available.

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